If you are in need of a telecoms engineer then it is important that you can find one that you trust. Not only will they often have to have access to and be working within your home but you also need to be able to ensure that they are giving you the best information. The best way to find local telephone or broadband engineers that you can trust is to read reviews and go on recommendations.

It may be that you are experiencing issues with your phone line or perhaps you have an internet connection that seems to be down more than it is up. These are common issues that telecoms engineers deal with and should be able to fix for you. Prices for the work may vary from engineer to engineer. Some may charge a call out fee whereas others may not but their hourly rate may be a little higher.

By using our website, you can search and find telephone engineers and broadband engineers near you. You can click through to their profile and find out a bit more about them. There is also a section for reviews, where you can read comments and see their star rating that has been left by previous customers. This can help you make an informed decision as to whom you may wish to use. Always be sure to check the rates of the engineers before agreeing for them to visit your property.

If you have recently used the services of a telecoms engineer who is listed on our directory, then why not leave them feedback on their profile page to help others who may be in need of an engineer in the future?