We are currently offering each Telecoms Engineer a FREE listing with no sign up fee. This listing will be free until the 1st January 2023 when you can then choose to continue on our discounted monthly fee of £14.99 or you can opt for the annual fee of £150 (saving £30). There is obligation to continue after the free trial.

We aim to make it an easy experience for your next potential customer to find your business online.
Being found online is one of the most financially rewarding things a business can do and for the cost of one or two jobs that could be generated from our bespoke telecoms engineers directory, this could give you 12 months of online exposure all for £14.99 a month or an annual cost of £150 (a discount of £30).

Don’t miss out by not being out there

It’s fast, easy and secure to set up your business profile on our directory site. Telecoms Engineers Directory is the place to get your business listed and start receiving enquiries. It may be that you do not have your own website or that you are struggling to get traffic through to your site. Having a listing on this directory will ensure that local people searching for a telecoms engineer will be able to find you.

Connecting your business to your customers online

Our directory offers a simple way to connect with potential customers in your neighbourhood, allowing you to take a step back from marketing your business so you can focus on what you do best!

Submit Your Listing

Submitting your telecoms business listing is super easy. Just complete the “add your business” form online and set up your preferred payment method for your recurring subscription fee (not applicable on the FREE listing until 1st January 2023). Once your listing has been submitted, our admin team will double check everything is ok before setting your listing live. There’s no restrictions on how many areas you want to be listed in.